Monday, November 7, 2011

Change boot animation

If you not like your custom boot amimation then you can change it.
First your phone should be rooted. And go into setting and go in display setting and you see animation option choose all animation
Now you required app called root explorer. download from here Download download any boot animation that you like. Or download cynogenmod boot animation
Now download boot animation
Here i give cynogenmod7 boot animation download extract it and you see zip file in that. rename it to bootanimation.zip

now open root explorer and go into sdcars as shown in image.
Now go where you put bootanimation.zip file in sd card. now long pree on that file and select copy. now go back
after come back go into system. inthat you see folder of name media
go into media folder and first push button Mount R/W at the top right side so button change into Mount R/O
Now paste here. You see message that file is already been here you want to overwright it? push yes button
Now reboot your phone. and you see new cynogenmode animation. In this way you can change boot animation any that you like. just download boot animation that you like and change past animation.


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